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↓ Delve into the Dungeon

🎲 Thematic Roguelike Experience

An engaging game that will immerse you into the depths of the dungeon. Every level is randomly laid out, each encounter plays out differently, and of course, death is final.

🕐 Minimal Setup

With only 9 cards, this micro-game takes seconds to set up, and makes for quick dungeon romps.

🚪 Make Choices

Will you spend your coin at the Merchant's stall for some health points, or choose to fight the Skeleton Soldier for some much needed experience points before facing greater odds? Many more dilemmas await you!

# What do you need to play?

  • 🎲 x 4 : Four six-sided dice
  • ■ x 8 : Eight 8mm wooden tokens, or anything small enough
  • ❤️ x 999 : A love for roguelikes

# Mini Rogue Print and Play

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